ENSO would like you to be informed and empowered about your personal care product options, choices and selections. You get to choose what you put on your body, and have a right to know the environmental impact of your product options. Our position is clear so that there is no confusion between us and other body care companies, so you can make a clear choice.

What is Meant by the Term Natural?

ENSO is clear about what it means when it uses the terms natural and all natural. Natural to us means that it comes solely from organic matter: flowers, trees, grasses, seeds, fruits, earthen clays, etc. In ENSO body care products, we only use natural ingredients, made from natural organic plant matter. We don’t see any other way to do it because we care about you, the planet, and all the future generations that will inhabit here.

ENSO is all natural – period. If it is/was not alive, or did not occur naturally in nature, without synthesis, it is not in our products.

According to our own FDA: “FDA has not developed a definition for use of the term natural or its derivatives.” While the term is partially regulated by the FDA and USDA in the food industry, it is completely unregulated in the cosmetics and body care industry. Therefore many hand crafted body care products claim to be Natural, All Natural, and/or 100% Natural yet their products contain the same bio toxic and environmental toxic ingredients as the big industrial detergent manufacturers. Even if they are using natural oil bases, they still use synthetic colorants such as industrial micas, oxides and food colorings, along with synthetic fragrance oils, synthetic hardeners, and a long list of other non-plant ingredients and make the “Natural” claim.

Why do they use these synthetics? In natural soap making, it can be challenging to color and fragrance soaps because of the PH changes and exothermic reaction that takes place as oils are turned into soap. Because oxides, micas, food colorings, and fragrance oils are more PH and temperature tolerant, many hand crafters turn to them because they are easier to work with and predictable.

Companies like to use terms like “Safe Synthetics” when labeling these ingredients. ENSO considers these ingredients far from safe and completely unnatural. These ingredients are below our standards of quality and care for you and our love for the planet. The trace elements and composition of these ingredients are unknown and can come from countries that have unregulated manufacturing processes. Many have been identified as containing low doses of heavy metals and toxins. We will not use them, and you would be safer choosing products without them.

Now you know where ENSO stands and how we see the difference between being “All Natural” and being truly, All Natural.