ENSO selected for PSU Business Development Support Program

We’re excited to have been selected, along with 12 other great Portland businesses, for the Portland State University Long-term Business Development Support Program. “The PSU Business Outreach Program provides technical assistance and business consulting services to locally owned, small businesses, with a focus on emerging, minority, and women-owned enterprises.” Read more about the PSU BDSP HERE

ENSO Announces Community Partnership with Portland State University Business Administratrion Senior Capstone Program

ENSO is happy to announce that we will be participating as a client in the Portland State University School of Business Administration Senior Capstone Program this fall term, 2014. You can read more about the program HERE. This is an 11 week program where 10 to 12 PSU Business School Seniors dedicated the term to assisting us […]

ENSO is now Benefit Corporation Certified by B-Lab with PENDING Status

  B-Lab doesn’t give full Benefit Corporation Certification to start-ups until they’ve been in operation a full year because certification is based on what the organization has accomplished, not what it intends to accomplish. We have earned PENDING status because we have already met the legal requirement for full certification and demonstrated our commitment to meeting […]

Enso is Reviewing Third-Party Benefit Certification Standards for Selection

As part of our Benefit Corporation commitment, Enso will need to adopt a third-party governance standard to ensure it is creating a positive social and environmental impact. The third-party standard is a tool used in assessing us in this area. We want to select the standard that makes the most sense for us, is relevant to our […]

Enso Will Be Palm Oil Free – Working on New Soap Formulation

The subject of Palm Oil is a complicated one and a holistic solution needs to be developed which considers all the stakeholders involved in system.  There are some hard facts and challenges humanity faces in its efforts to sustain a global population of 7 billion people. We need a solution which is sustainable; one which […]

Is B-Corp Movement More Green Washing?

I’ve had some discussions with people who are skeptical of this new Benefit Corporation structure and the standards organizations arising around the movement as just another form of green washing by corporations. Healthy skepticism is crucial to the success of this movement – so be skeptical and use discernment. The following Article Excerpt was taken […]