What the planet needs most…
The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.
~ Dalai Lama

To attain the higher household one must be instructed in the view, practice accordingly, and exercise great discipline.

~ Unknown

The View
Located in Portland, Oregon, ENSO LLC was incorporated as an Oregon Benefit Company with a social entrepreneurial mission. Choosing to be a Benefit Corporation was in our DNA as being of benefit is more than a guiding principle, it is the foundation of our business and defines our corporate vision and mission. This is the business model of the future. It is a model of personal, corporate, social, and environmental responsibility in which business success is not measured by the ability to maximize shareholder profit, but on the effectiveness of being a force for positive contribution and benefit of all stakeholders. Which, as a result of its existence, leaves the world in a better condition than the one it emerged from.

The future is now, and Ensō is just one of a growing number of businesses creating a future of true corporate responsibility that work in sustainable ways to be a positive force for social justice and environmental stewardship. As benefit corporations we walk our talk and put governance and transparency in place so that the community can judge:

Our vision is to be a thought leader and an example of a new way of doing business. We choose to be valued based on our ability to replenish and provide. We choose to be measured on how much we return to our environment, our local community, our business community and our employees.

Our mission is to be of benefit. In whatever we do we are of benefit to the planet, benefit to the local economy, benefit to our customers and benefit to our employees. We create products needed for everyday use which are pleasurable to use, healthy, natural, and of the highest quality; products that are both beneficial to the body and safe for the environment. We continuously innovate to have the lightest possible environmental footprint, to source the highest quality ingredients from the most local places and from organizations that care for the environment, the community and their employees.

The Practice
Ensō is the Japanese word for circle. In Zen Buddhism, an ensō is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. In its symbolic form, ensō represents absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and the great void from which all arises. The ensō is drawn as a spiritual practice, and in that context, every day. Most notably, the ensō embodies both the character of its creator and the context of its creation.

We selected the ensō symbol as our logo because we see our business as a daily spiritual practice and ENSO Bodycare embodies both the character of its creators and the context of its creation. From that basis Ensō was created with the “soul” purpose to be of benefit. Benefit to its customers, to its community, to its employees, and to the natural environment from which all its benefits are received.

The Discipline
The symbol and practice of the ensō expresses return to the source of origin and ENSO Bodycare expresses the same:

  • To the community Ensō returns 5 percent of its total sales in support of social justice and environmental initiatives both locally and worldwide.
  • To our employees Ensō distributes profit equally to all members of the organization based on contribution not based on role or title.
  • To the disadvantaged Ensō actively works to create opportunities
  • To the local economy Ensō actively sources from local companies when ingredients are available locally
  • To the earth Ensō only creates products that are 100% environmentally friendly, incorporates only non-GMO ingredients, uses organic ingredients as it can